October 2017

Pineridge Snowmobile Club Inc.

Newsletter for 2017 – 2018 Snowmobile Season





Greetings Everyone:

On behalf of the Pineridge Snowmobile Club, I welcome all members and enthusiasts young and old to another year of great sledding. It’s been a hard two seasons for everyone who loves the white stuff. We are all excited about the upcoming winter. Even though the weather has not been ideal the past 2 seasons, Pineridge and the OFSC have not been standing still during the snow drought.

We have built new bridges and updated our groomer fleet to groom more efficiently. Payments on the groomers don’t stop when there is no snow, so please buy your permits so we are able to give you the product you deserve. FLAT TRAILS!

At this time I would like to thank all of the land owners for their permission to use their property to enjoy my favourite sport. If it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t have a trail system. We need to thank these unselfish people and abide by their wishes. Stay on the trails and between the stakes. Leave tracks not trash and treat the land as if it was your own. It isn’t your right to ride on their property, they give permission to enjoy their land for the winter season. Last year trails were lost due to a few that don’t want to respect the land owner’s wishes. Let’s all follow the rules and point out to others that don’t know them. Without the property owners there is no trail system to enjoy.

Our trail system goes through or near a number of towns and it would be very disappointing for us not to be able to enter town limits to get fuel, food or simply get to and from home. Please remember in order to retain this right we must not travel on people’s lawns or private property, parks or sidewalks. The club would like to ask all members to help see that these requests are obeyed. The shoulder of the street is the permitted route we must take to the trail system for food, gas or lodging. Please keep the speed limits and noise at a respectable level in towns and respect resident’s property.

To all the volunteers I thank you. Volunteers who set up the trail stakes, groomers and club members who put in many hours of their time to guarantee we all have an excellent and safe trail system to enjoy. We are always looking for more volunteers to join our team.  Contact a director or club member if you wish to help.


Randy Bilcke
Pineridge Snowmobile Club Inc.